The Transit Development Plan Resource Center has been designed to serve as a centralized location to provide easy access to a variety of tools and information to assist in the preparation of Ten Year Transit Development Plans (TDPs).

Revised TDP Rule Effective July 9, 2024

As of July 9, 2024, the revised Rule 14-73.001 F.A.C. pertaining to Transit Development Plans (TDPs) for public transit agencies is now in effect. This update impacts the submission timelines and requirements for TDP Major Updates and Annual Progress Reports.

Key Changes:

  • Streamlined TDP Process: Simplified procedures to make the preparation and submission of TDPs more efficient.
  • Increased Coordination with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs): Enhanced collaboration to ensure comprehensive regional transit planning.
  • Focused Prioritized Projects: Emphasis on identifying and prioritizing key projects that align with strategic goals and funding opportunities
  • New Submission Deadline for TDP Major Updates and Annual Updates: March 1st (previously September 1st)  

Immediate Support and Resources

For immediate questions, please contact Jonathan Roberson. We are committed to providing support and resources to help transit agencies adapt to these changes.

Training and Guidance

The FDOT Public Transit Office, in collaboration with CUTR and Benesch, will organize training sessions and update guidance resources for the preparation and submission of TDPs. Stay tuned for upcoming training schedules and resource updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the new due date for submitting TDP Major and Annual Progress Reports??

The new due date for submitting TDP Major Updates and Annual Progress Reports are March 1st. View due dates for TDP updates.

What if I am nearly completed my TDP Major Update or Annual Progress Report?

If you are still in the midst of working on your next TDP product that would typically be due on September 1st, it will now be due on March 1st  

We are currently in the middle of the TDP Major Update process. How does the new due date affect us?

Agencies already in the middle of their update process should follow the new March 1st  deadline and seek guidance from your FDOT District Office for any transitional arrangements.

Will there be additional support or resources provided to help with the transition to the new due dates?

Yes, the FDOT Public Transit Office, along with CUTR and Benesch, will provide training sessions and updated guidance resources.

How should we align our TDP Annual Progress Report submissions with the new TDP Major Update schedule?

Synchronize annual progress reports with the new five-year major update cycle, and refer to forthcoming guidance from the FDOT Public Transit Office.

Will there be any changes to the content or format requirements for the TDP Major Updates and Annual Progress Reports?

Any changes to content or format requirements will be included in the updated guidance resources.

Contact Information

Additional information will be posted on this website as it becomes available. For further inquiries, please contact the modal administrator of your respective FDOT district.


  • TDP Handbook – Forthcoming
  • TDP Training Opportunities – Forthcoming
  • TDP Due Date Schedule – All TDP Major and Annual Updates are due by March 1.
  • Adopted Major TDP Updates – All adopted major updates for Florida transit systems are posted to the resource center. View these TDPs as examples of how others have addressed the various elements of a TDP within the context of the unique characteristics of their respective communities and local preferences and priorities. These documents may also help to support regional coordination and planning initiatives.