Florida Transit-Oriented Development

Florida’s TOD Efforts

The Florida Department of Transportation has developed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) strategiestransit_supportive_area_renaissance and guidance to promote land use policies and designs to leverage statewide investments in multimodal transportation systems. In Phase I of the TOD planning effort A Framework for Transit Oriented Development in Florida was prepared. Phase II, which was completed in early 2013, involved the development of a Guidebook containing model land use policies and land development codes in support of TOD. The Framework and Guidebook were designed to be used in partnership with the FDOT to assist in promoting multimodal system planning and managing congestion on state roadways, especially on the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS). By focusing land use and urban design policies towards transit, local governments can help optimize future transit investments and potential transit ridership.

Other Links

National Resources & Technical Assistance For Transit-Oriented Development
Launched by the Federal Transit Administration and Smart Growth America, this program provides state and local leaders with new ideas, resources, and capacity for building transit-oriented development.

Florida Department of Transportation Station Area Transit Oriented Development Readiness Tool
Developed by the Florida Department of Transportation-District 4, this tool can be used by transit agencies, local governments, and stakeholders to assess how ready an area is for TOD through an evaluation of 20 measures that reflect the various facets of TOD potential. To download the tool, user guide, and example summary output, please click the links below. If you have any questions about this tool, please contact Larry Hymowitz at larry.hymowitz@dot.state.fl.us.