03 Aug 2016

ATSIM Announcement

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The Florida Department of Transportation Transit Office announces Automated Transit Stop Inventory Model (ATSIM) Enhancements!

As part of the Florida Department of Transportation’s ongoing support to the transit agencies, the Automated Transit Stop Inventory Model (ATSIM) has been updated to allow a more efficient data collection, management, and use of the stop inventory information. The ATSIM update includes the following enhancements.

  • Capability to collect and manage multiple shelters and benches associated with a single bus stop,
  • ATSIM header improvements to help with the data collection, and
  • Creation of a new report that contains detailed stop information.

In addition, technical support is available for free to the Florida transit agencies that are already using ATSIM and for those agencies that would like to start using ATSIM. This support will include remote technical assistance such as phone consultations, emails, and general assistance in the use and management of the ATSIM software system and its data.

Please refer to the ATSIM website for more information:  http://www.ftis.org/atsim.html.

For more information about ATSIM, please contact: Fabian Cevallos, Ph.D., Transit Program Director, Lehman Center for Transportation Research, Florida International University.

Email: fabian.cevallos@fiu.edu  Phone: (954) 234-4183